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International Management Institute

IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland is a private hospitality and business management school founded in 1991. We offer a comfortable, family atmosphere on campus and personalised learning support and careers advice for every student. At undergraduate level, our courses in international hotel, tourism and events management as well as global business and marketing management are validated by Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and our international culinary arts programme by Oxford Brookes University. We have deliberately remained small, with a maximum of 200 students per semester. This way our students can be assured of a highly personalised and individual approach to their learning. All programmes are in English, but you have the option to learn French or German as a second language. The combination of quality academic teaching, Swiss practical training, excellent industry contacts and breath-taking scenery are a recipe for success. Our graduates can be found in Senior Management positions all around the globe. Their success shows that, to reach the top, it pays to start at the top!

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Meeting ID: 848 5347 4295
Passcode: 8JL0LS
Regional representative, Admission Officer and Counsellor.

Wilton de Carvalhos

Availability: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (GMT-5)