EHL- Hospitality Business School

Switzerland and Singapore

EHL is the pioneer and world leader (ranked #1 by QS) in International Hospitality Management. With 3 state of the art campuses located in Switzerland (Lausanne, Passugg) and Singapore–and studies available in English and French–our students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. It is basically business administration foundation, with a super specialization in customer-experience (service)–or hospitality, in other words. We have a unique approach to learning which combines practical hands on and theory, within a highly entrepreneurial basis. Our students, graduating with over 1 year of work experience, have a 96% employability rate upon graduation and can work in a variety of different industries and career paths all over the world: hotels, restaurants, catering, event management, luxury brand management, casinos, cruises, private banking, finance, marketing & sales, quality assurance.

Andrea Llona

Regional representative



(+51) 949 174 013